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I am a NZ Registered Dietitian working alongside a team of experienced dietitians, who supports clients NZ wide to make effective, sustainable, lifelong changes through personalised advice, ongoing support, and a habit building approach.


We support clients with a range of health issues and needs through both 1:1 and our membership service. You can read more about these here

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Simple nutrition advice to support you to feel confident around food.

Do you struggle with?

  • Sugar/ carbohydrate cravings? 

  • Eating when stressed/ emotional?

  • Not loving how your clothes are fitting? 

  • Feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to begin?

  • Knowing how much you can gain from eating well yet not able to find the motivation to do it?

  • Confused by conflicting nutrition advice? 

  • Not living life to the fullest because you aren't confident in your body?

Work with us 1:1...

Best Friends

Programs created to educate you on how to reach your goals. Whether it be overeating, weight loss, emotional eating, or feeling calm & confident around food- learn our step-by-step process to get you results.

Personalised Meal Planning

Create your own personalised plan - a tool that you will use forever- or work with your dietitian 1:1 to have this created for you. Get access to weekly meal plans for simple, healthy recipes. There are no food rules- all foods fit!

Healthy Vegetarian Burger
Woman on her Tablet

Mindset Training

Learn all of the essential tools to feel confident in yourself and your decisions around food for life. Develop a positive "whole life" mindset and quit the short-term, "all or nothing" approach.

Address all parameters of health & wellness 

Weight loss is amazing- but prepare to see incredible results in your skin, hair, energy, gut health, and confidence. Our dietitians have vast experience working with conditions including pre-diabetes and T2DM, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, weight management, and much more.


Health Insurance

Your health insurance may cover your work with our NZ Registered Dietitians. Please check your policy or contact us for more information.

Ongoing support for as long as you need it.

A few words from those finding success with working with our dietitian team...


"My self-confidence has always been dictated by my weight. If the number on the scale fell, I would be happy. If it rose, I would punish myself through multiple ways. I’d be happy with myself if someone noticed I had lost weight. Yet if my clothes felt tight, I would beat myself up about it.


My weight has been a constant battle since I was 10 and life has taken a number of twists and turns since then. Twenty-two years on and maybe, just maybe, I think I have made changes that will stick. I will continue to keep goals and reflect on them often to keep myself in check."

- Jess

"Alex- I feel I have really benefitted from your videos, advice encouragement and dietary pointers. I definitely have had a reset which is what I needed, and now have helpful tools for when I'm tempted to just give up!! 

Thanks so much for your gentle and realistic guidance."

- Lyn

Start making changes that last a lifetime...

No drastic, extreme changes. No strict diet plans. No judgement. 

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