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The October 2021 course is now open and ready for you to begin your journey.

Only available until the 11:59pm on the 17th October 2021. 

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Womens wellness/ not a diet


  • Weekly educational videos

  • Weekly evening meal plan, recipes, and ideas for 9 weeks

  • 9 weeks of support through your "Not a Diet Program" with Alex

  • Easy to follow resources

Program begins 16th October- available to join only until 17th October 11:59pm

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Feedback from previous program clients...

"I feel this week was much better week mentally around food. I loved the session this week, I listened to it twice.. and learnt so much from it.


The meal planner meals has been awesome having this week - I have included a photo of the steamed fish we had tonight - was so good!


Look forward to next week session."

"My self-confidence has always been dictated by my weight. If the number on the scale fell, I would be happy. If it rose, I would punish myself through multiple ways. I’d be happy with myself if someone noticed I had lost weight. Yet if my clothes felt tight, I would beat myself up about it.


My weight has been a constant battle since I was 10 and life has taken a number of twists and turns since then. Twenty-two years on and maybe, just maybe, I think I have made changes that will stick. I will continue to keep goals and reflect on them often to keep myself in check."

"Alex- I feel I have really benefitted from your videos, advice encouragement and dietary pointers. I definitely have had a reset which is what I needed, and now have helpful tools for when I'm tempted to just give up!! My weight has crept downwards... I just need to work on the mindful eating and planning ahead, plus looking out for those unnecessary calories...


Thanks so much for your gentle and realistic guidance."