Healthy Salad
Monthly ongoing 1:1 support

Unlimited 1:1 dietitian support. Minimum of 3 months (to ensure best results)

1:1 initial appointment (60 min) 

Weekly check-ins, goal setting & reflections

Personalised meal plan 

Weekly metric tracking access

Access to complete Uplift platform, programs, and inclusions

Unlimited private Q+A with Alex 

Access to all Uplift features- recipe books, etc.

Weekly food diary feedback

Additional 1:1 appointment at the start of each 12 weeks of support


A platform for New Zealanders to learn how to improve their health, lose weight, and meet their nutrition and wellness goals.

Weekly meal plans

Unlimited private or group Q+A with Alex 

Wellness & weight loss program 

Monthly recipe e-book 

Mindset training 

Supportive community 

Access to food diary and metric tracking 

Opportunity to upgrade Uplift  1:1 at anytime ($179 per 60min appt or $159 for Uplift members)

Health Insurance

Your health insurance may cover your work with our NZ Registered Dietitians. Please check your policy or contact us for more information.

Which service is right for me?

Uplift will suit if you...

  • Are tired of "quick fix", short term diets

  • Would like to learn how to lose weight and fuel your body to achieve your health goals long-term 

  • Are ready to make long-term lifestyle & diet changes with a big focus on mindset shifts 

  • Enjoy having support from those who are on a similar journey to you- whether you contribute or not, the group chat can be incredibly helpful for answering al questions 

  • Would like to learn how to develop habits that you can maintain with tools that are simple to use 

  • Can dedicate time to your health and feeling great again 

  • Are excited about a personal-development journey where you learn how to make long-term change through self-directed learning, meal plan development, and mindset training

  • Suitable for the following health conditions and nutrition concerns: 

    • Weight Loss

    • Prediabetes  & T2DM (Atleast 1x 1:1 sessino recommended)


1:1 ongoing support will suit if you...

  • Tick all of the above boxes but also would like a "'done for you" meal plan that is personalised for you 

  • Would like the accountability and extra support in weekly check-ins and goal setting with food diary and measurement feedback 

  • Would like the opportunity for changes to be made to meal plans as needed

  • Suitable for the following health conditions and nutrition concerns: 

    • Weight Loss

    • Prediabetes  & T2DM

    • Any health condition alongside weight loss (cholesterol, blood pressure, general nutritional adequacy of diet, previous cardiac event)


1- off appointments

  • 1- off 1:1 appointments are available- these are not the most effective way to get support for weight loss, prediabetes or T2DM- but can be suitable for some.

  • These are best suited to those with the following nutrition/ health concerns and requirements without weight loss concerns: 

    • Cholesterol ​

    • Blood pressure 

    • Previous cardiac event 

    • General diet check-over

If you are still not sure which service is right for you- please book a free call and let's discuss. 

Feedback from previous clients...

"Alex has been a pleasure to work with. She listens, is understanding and finds great ideas to implement."
- Bre


"All advice given was personalised for me. It didn’t feel at all like a generic template. Alex is kind she listens and provides what will help you"

- Lesley


"Alex gave me more feedback and information about my blood tests than anybody else ever has. I loved that she said I can eat peanut butter on toast every day- usually I cut this out when I am trying to lose weight but so far I have already lost 4kgs.

- Lyn