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Work with Alex

Work with Alex:

Alexandra Cameron (nee Tully)

NZRD, MDiet, BSc


Phone: 027 327 5249

I work with clients to develop specific nutrition interventions relevant to their preferences, lifestyle, and goals. I focus on all aspects of health when working with clients; stress and sex hormones, sleep, energy, lifestyle, gut microbiome, and work with them to help them understand food and nutrition.

Book a session with me and we can discuss working together towards your nutrition and lifestyle goals. 

What to expect:

Expect a thorough and comprehensive nutrition assessment with highly qualified and experienced Dietitian Alexandra Cameron. 

Every consultation that I have with a client is different. I alter the intervention to suit your lifestyle and preferences and support you to make sustainable diet changes that achieve results. My practice can be in person or virtual, so it doesn't matter where you are in NZ. You can book an appointment through my website or by contacting me by phone or email. Most health insurance policies cover you for seeing a dietitian- check your policy to find out. 

Initial Nutrition Assessment:

This is your initial nutrition assessment with Dietitian, Alexandra Cameron. I conduct a comprehensive nutrition assessment considering body composition and weight history, review of blood test results and a plan for further testing if required. Medical and family history, medications, supplements, lifestyle and physical activity. I undertake a detailed gut health assessment and take a deep dive into other areas of your health. Additional factors such as sleep, stress and mental wellbeing are considered as well as an in-depth dietary assessment.

I will then formulate a tailor-made nutrition treatment plan unique to you and backed by science to yield results.

$139 per session, (60-75 minutes).

  • Nutritionally balanced recipes

  • Meal ideas and snack guides

  • Personalised nutrition treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. 

  • An action plan with realistic, achievable & sustainable goals

  • A clinic letter for your GP and other health care professionals involved in your care

  • A holistic nutrition plan which is backed by science 

  • Opportunity for ongoing email support with me for throughout the duration of us working together

A nutrition assessment provides:

"Alex has been a pleasure to work with. She listens, is understanding and finds great ideas to implement."

- Brendon

"All advice given was personalised for me. It didn’t feel at all like a generic template. Alex is kind she listens and provides what will help you"

- Lesley

"Alex gave me more feedback and information about my blood tests than anybody else ever has. I loved that she said I can eat peanut butter on toast every day- usually I cut this out when I am trying to lose weight but so far I have already lost 4kgs.

- Lyn

Book with Alex:

  • In-Person at our home office in Palmerston North or virtual over Skype

    1 hr

    139 New Zealand dollars
  • A discounted option for those needing more than just a 1-off session.

    1 hr

    279 New Zealand dollars
  • In-Person at our home office in Palmerston North or virtual over Skype

    30 min

    75 New Zealand dollars
  • Not sure if our services are the right fit for you? Let's talk.

    15 min

Weight Concerns

There are many factors impacting on our body weight. I focus on every aspect of health when working with clients towards weight related goals. 

I work on educating you to build up a weight management strategy that you will use for the rest of your life. 

No more yo-yo diets. Book a consult with me to get started on your journey. 

Diet Check-in

Have you been told that you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Have you recently reduced your meat consumption or started a vegan/ vegetarian diet? 

Food is thy medicine, and if you're not feeling 100% then there is a good chance that the things you are putting into your body need tweaking. 

If you are after a diet check-in to get some feedback from a dietitian around boosting your nutrient intake- then this is for you. 

Gut Health

The gut is a complex thing and can cause alot of anxiety and stress in your life when it just isn't feeling right!

Let me work with you to explore how your diet might be impacting on your gut health. 

I take a holistic approach and explore all factors that might be causing your symptoms- whether it be irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or diarrhea, bloating, or frequent discomfort.

Mood Foods

Health Concerns

Legit Information

As we know- food has a major impact on how we feel. Our stress levels, adrenaline, anxiety, and energy are just some of the things that a diet can affect. 

Our dietitians will help empower you to make diet choices suited to your need, and educate you on strategies to support a healthy brain and positive mood. 

Our team have years of experience in working with clients to create positive health outcomes. 

If you are at a high risk of a disease based on family history, or have been diagnosed with a condition such as pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or elevated blood pressure, then get in touch.

Are you just feeling overwhelmed with the amount of nutrition information out there? Are you keen to make some changes to your diet but just don't know where to begin?


We can help! 


Our team are all NZ Registered Dietitians trained in using research and solid evidence to support every piece of nutrition advice that we give.

Frequently asked questions...

Do you take insurance?

Yes I take insurance. Some NZ insurance companies cover sessions with a NZ registered dietitian. You must pay for the sessions in full, then I can provide a receipt for you to claim the cost back through your insurance provider.

Where are the sessions held?

I can see you in my Palmerston North based home office or anywhere in NZ virtually. 

How does payment work?

All payments must be received 24 hrs before the beginning of the service. Late payments will result in your service being postponed or cancelled. I do not accept cash or eftpos.

I ask that you provide me with 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Otherwise we may charge a cancellation fee. 

I understand that sometimes you might get unexpectedly busy or be running late- so we appreciate a text or phone call to let us know of this. If you are late to an appointment we may not be able to complete the full session.

Alexandra Cameron- Dietitian & Weight Loss Expert- Palmerston North & NZ wide.                                             Email: