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Women's Wellness & Weight Loss Course



Did you know that the average woman spends 17 whole years of her life on a diet?

Despite being inundated by nutrition and diet advice we just don't seem to be able to lose weight and keep it off! We exercise and count calories- and yet the weight just won't budge.


After years of supporting people to achieve their wellness and weight loss goals- I have developed a totally unique method to help you quit dieting → get healthy → and lose weight for life.

This program is focused on empowering women with nutrition advice for long term wellness & weight loss.


Your complete guide to:

  • Balance hunger hormones

  • Improve your gut health

  • Reduce stress hormones

  • Boost your energy

  • Sleep better

  • Make mindset and behaviour changes that last 

  • Learn how to eat freely and lose weight without restriction and diet plans

  • Build a better relationship with food and your body

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As part of this course, you will receive... 

Filming a Video

Educational videos

Weekly educational videos by Alex- available to you in your course dashboard to work through at your own pace. 

Food blog

Evening meal menus

Weekly menus complete with recipes all tried and tested by Alex and all under 450 calories to provide you with inspiration throughout the 9 weeks of your course.


Feedback from Alex

Weekly feedback from Alex on your goals, challenges, and barriers. You are not on your own- you have support every week of the program.

Healthy Salad


Each week you receive corresponding session summaries to look back on and solidify your learnings with. There occasionally will be practical activities for you to try and I provide you with all of the necessary info in resource format for you to print and work through as you like.

Healthy Salad

Research- backed advice

Rest assured that all information that you receive throughout this program is research-backed to provide you with legitimate, evidence based solutions that you can trust.

Course outline:

Yoga by the Ocean

Week 1- Mindset

  • Why do we self- sabotage our diet efforts?

  • Why have we not already lost the weight? 

  • How to set yourself up for success

    • Strategies for behaviour change

    • How to make it easier on yourself to achieve goals

  • Should I weigh myself?

  • How to alter your mindset to achieve your goals

  • How to quit dieting to lose weight for life


Week 2- Food 101

  • What should we eat?!

    • Macronutrients explained​

  • How to self-analyse your diet and make changes to achieve your goals 

  • What macronutrients and portion sizes to aim for 

  • Where to source legit information?

  • Common nutrition myths busted

  • Meal and snack ideas for long lasting energy

  • How to menu plan 

  • To calorie count or not to calorie count?

  • How to overcome sugar cravings

Healthy Salad

Week 3- Mindful eating

  • Alter your eating behaviour

    • Mindless eating​

    • How to respond to hunger cues

  • Socialising and flexible eating 

    • Eating out for meals​

    • Eating on the road

    • Holidays and special occasions

  • Addressing emotional eating- activities

Week 4- Energy, stress & mood

  • Eating for energy, stress, and mood

  • The connection between stress hormones, health, and weight

  • Self care and sleep

  • How to address the 3pm slump

  • Caffeine intake

  • Meal ideas for nights when you have no energy

  • How to reduce stress hormones

Smoothie with Granola

Week 5- Gut health

  • How to boost your gut microbiome and gut health

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

    • Diagnosis​

    • Treatment

    • Troubleshooting

  • Basic nutrition steps to improve gut health

    • Leaky gut​

    • Colon cancer

  • Food allergies and intolerances

    • Legit vs non-legit testing and advice​

    • Allergy vs intolerance

Week6- Hormones

Hugging a Pillow
  • What hormones our body produces

  • Sex hormones- estrogen progesterone

    • What causes an imbalance of these​

    • Changes across our lives

    • Things impacting on these hormones

    • Nutrition to improve E & P balance 

  • Insulin resistance 

  • Thyroid hormone production 

  • Hunger hormones

Week7- Eat for health

Herbal Remedies
  • Nutrition for heart health and lowering cholesterol levels

    • Your lipid tests explained​

    • Influence of nutrition on different lipid results

  • Eating to improve your blood pressure

    • What to avoid/ include​

    • Lifestyle considerations

    • Practical suggestions and advice 

Weight Loss Essentials

Week8- Weight loss

  • Trouble shooting for when your weight isn't moving

    • Practical steps and solutions 

    • How to analyse your own diet

    • Macronutrient goals

    • Calorie goals

  • Weight loss plateaus and how to overcome them

    • Why does this happen​

    • What needs to be considered

    • Things that you can alter

Outdoor Squats

Week9- Maintaining your diet changes

  • You've done all of this hard work- now where to from here?

  • Self efficacy and self monitoring

  • How to keep progressing towards success

Skills that you will gain from the course...


  • Learn how to GET HEALTHY:​

    • Balance hormones

    • Improve your gut health

    • Boost your energy and mood

    • Sleep better

  • Discover how to lose weight when you feel that you are already doing all the right things

  • Address your health conditions through food and understand which nutrient deficiencies can inhibit weight loss

  • Build a better relationship with the scales and your body

  • Learn how to analyse your own diet and make changes for success so that you never need to google how much to eat for weight loss again

  • Understand how much more there is to weight loss than calories in vs. calories out- the ins and outs of metabolism, digestion of food and the impact it has on our hunger and appetite regulation.

  • Learn how to meal plan and prep for each week, and how to navigate eating out, socialising, or events that are structured around food. 

  • Know how to alter your mindset for long term behaviour change and success

  • Discover how to eat for managing energy slumps and sugar cravings

  • Identify ways to show your body self-care without food

  • Discover how to eat forever without guilt- mindful and intuitive eating and how to trust your body to tell you what it needs

  • Feel comfortable and confident when eating out, on the road, when away on holiday, and when you aren't in a situation that you can "follow a plan".

  • Learn how you can stop dieting before events, depriving yourself of the foods that you love, and feeling like you are constantly "falling off the wagon" or "needing to get back on track"


I am busy. How much time does this take each week?


This program was designed with busy people in mind. The program includes 9 weeks of education videos that provide you with all that you need to know on each topic condensed into 10-25 minute sessions. You can access your videos online through your course dashboard and listen in no matter where you are. The program is streamlined into an easy-to-follow process to give you all of the important information that you need and the actions that you can take for success.

Is this interactive or all online?


This program is both interactive, and online- allowing you to go along at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Alex is available to support you every week through goal setting and reflections.


This program does not include a 1:1 session but you are welcome to work with Alex at the end of the program if you would like some more support (wait times may apply).

Do I get a meal plan?

I’m not going to give you a strict meal plan and tell you exactly what to eat and how much. Why? Because I would rather TEACH you how to make diet changes to reach your goals for life. The reason I do this is because it’s unsustainable and unrealistic for you to rely on me to tell you what to eat. This doesn’t teach you how to be flexible on social occasions, spontaneous lunches, or when away for the weekend. 

If you join me in my course I will give you some amazing meal ideas, recipes, and menus, but I will show you how to eat in a flexible, mindful way that allows you to eat well and lose weight forever without relying on someone else to tell you what to eat. 


Are your meal suggestions expensive or mean that I have to cook separate meals?


There will be no cooking separate meals! Everything that I do with clients is to promote sustainable, long-term change. Of course- cooking separate meals to the rest of the family or buying expensive ingredients is NOT sustainable or enjoyable- so is definitely not something that you need to worry about in this program. 

I give you education around how to structure your day of eating, regardless of your budget. There is no need to purchase expensive, specially grown or labelled foods to get results on this program. 

How much weight will I lose?


I'm not going to promise you an amount of kilos that you'll lose on this program. I am here to give you the education and tools that you need to lose weight long term- this isn't just another 5kg blitz then gain it all back afterwards! 

Previous program participants have all lost weight however the amount varies person to person. The most important thing is- that regardless of the weight that you lose on this program- you will know how to keep it off.

Do I complete any work with a group?

There is no group work in this program however you can access information and communicate with other like-minded people in your membership space at the conclusion of the program- through our ongoing support forum.

When does it start/ end? 

This program is available for a limited time, at specific times of the year. Sign up for updates and to make sure that you don't miss out on joining the next available program.  

Is this program suitable for women only? Not men? 


This program focuses on the feedback that I have had and work that I have done with hundreds of women. However, men would benefit just as much from this program too! Bear in mind that the hormone session discusses women's hormones- however the basic principles are applicable to everyone.

Is this program right for me?


This will suit women who... 

  • Want to learn how to lose weight sustainably and give up short-term quick fix diets

  • Are ready to learn what influences hunger, fullness, and cravings

  • Want to enjoy their favourite foods without fearing that they will binge or lose control 

  • Want 9 weeks of meal ideas, education, and advice from a trusted weight loss professional

  • Want to improve their relationship with food, the scales, and their bodies 

This will not suit women who...

  • Would like to continue with quick fix diets

  • Who are seeking rapid, short term weight loss without desire for long term weight maintenance

  • Have a current eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia

  • Want an "9 week shred" of restricted eating without a post-diet maintenance plan

Feedback from previous program clients...

"I feel this week was much better week mentally around food. I loved the session this week, I listened to it twice.. and learnt so much from it.


The meal planner meals has been awesome having this week - I have included a photo of the steamed fish we had tonight - was so good!


Look forward to next week session."

"My self-confidence has always been dictated by my weight. If the number on the scale fell, I would be happy. If it rose, I would punish myself through multiple ways. I’d be happy with myself if someone noticed I had lost weight. Yet if my clothes felt tight, I would beat myself up about it.


My weight has been a constant battle since I was 10 and life has taken a number of twists and turns since then. Twenty-two years on and maybe, just maybe, I think I have made changes that will stick. I will continue to keep goals and reflect on them often to keep myself in check."

"Alex- I feel I have really benefitted from your videos, advice encouragement and dietary pointers. I definitely have had a reset which is what I needed, and now have helpful tools for when I'm tempted to just give up!! My weight has crept downwards... I just need to work on the mindful eating and planning ahead, plus looking out for those unnecessary calories...


Thanks so much for your gentle and realistic guidance."