Energy-Boosting Additions to Your Morning Yoghurt

Break- fast is simply that- a meal to break your overnight fast. Hence why it is so important! First thing in the morning we are running on empty so need to refuel for our brains and bodies to function productively. In this article we are focused in on a household staple- yoghurt.

Yoghurt is among some of the best foods you can start your day with. When paired with the right things- it can provide you with enough goodness and nutrients to keep you going through until lunchtime. We always recommend unsweetened yoghurt. Why unsweetened? because yoghurts can be really high in sugar. Opting for a plain, unsweetened option means that you are getting the goodness of a high protein, calcium rich food- without the unnecessary sugar.

Here are some of our favourite combinations- enjoy!

1. Nuts and Seeds:

In case you haven't figured it out already- we love good fats! Add 2-3 Tbsp of your choice of nuts and seeds (unsalted and unroasted) to some unsweetened natural yoghurt. If you are after a bit of sweetness- add some chopped fruit like sliced banana for an instagram-worthy brekkie.

2. Natural muesli:

Muesli's are a tricky one- some are delicious and nutritious while others are delicious and very much NOT nutritious! Choosing a natural muesli (un-toasted) is a good start. It may also pay to check the nutrition information panel- look in the per 100g column and find "sugar" listed under "carbohydrates". Try to find a muesli with <15g sugar per 100g or better yet- less than 10g/100g. Add 3-4 Tbsp into a wee bowl then top with yoghurt and some colour! We use frozen berries all year round.

3. Weet-bix:

Gone are the days of weet-bix, milk, and sugar being advertised as a nutritious breakfast- and rightly so! Weet-bix are an amazing food- and made even more so when topped with the right things! Whilst being high in fibre and very filling, they should be paired with our go-to's: colour, protein, and fat. Add some chopped banana, natural yoghurt, and 1-2 Tbsp of nuts/ seeds for a nutrient- packed start to your day.