7 cooking hacks that you should know!

Love cooking but find it's a challenge to make them both healthy and delicious at the same time? Try our top 7 healthy but easy food and cooking hacks!

1. Use plant-based oils and balsamic vinegar, the perfect dressing!

Struggling to find a healthy dressing to go on your lunch salad? a simple dash of olive oil or balsamic vinegar instead of high fat salad dressings for example, mayonnaise is a much healthier but still, a delicious option.

2. Greek yoghurt, tasty on everything:

Mince dishes such as Nachos would not be Nachos without the sour cream. Instead of sour cream however, Greek yoghurt is a much lower fat and suitable alternative. Additionally, greek yoghurt is packed with nutrients and is a great probiotic to keep our gut healthy.

3. Can't stop snacking on chips?

Ever find you start eating a few chips and before you know it, your fingers reach the bottom of the bag? Plain popcorn is a much lower calorie option that is just as easy as opening a bag of chips! flavouring popcorn with your favourite herbs, spices or even cinnamon makes it that much tastier.

4. Fibre, fibre & fibre! Why choose wholegrains/ wholemeal?

Fibre is of nutritious value, keeps us fuller for longer and feeds the bacteria in our gut, keeping our gut nice and healthy. Choosing high fibre foods such as all bran cereal, brown rice, wholegrain breads & wholemeal pasta provide us with long lasting energy throughout the day.

5. Cooking veges? Water can do the trick:

Adding oil to your cooking is delicious however too much oil can contribute a lot of fat to our diet. An easy hack? add a few splashes of water to the pan, this will steam the veges but also stop your fry pan from going dry and sticky.

6. Make legumes your best friend!

Sometimes cooking dinner after work can be something everyone daunts! Incorporating legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils can make your meals go that extra mile. Legumes are a great source of both protein and carboydrates and can be used as a substitute for meat (a much cheaper option too).

7. Flavour it up with herbs & spices

Utilise different herbs and spices to add some tang and character to your meals! Popular hacks are chilli and lime seasoning or mixed herbs to roasted vegetables, cinnamon to baking or smoked paprika to casseroles.