Super-foods! Are they really super?

Here are some quick fire facts on “super-foods”

  • “Super-food” is a marketing term used by companies to sell their products.

  • Some super-food claims are backed by no evidence at all- some can even be damaging! For example, coconut oil is incredibly high in saturated fat so can lead to elevated cholesterol levels however it is marketed as “healthy”.

  • One thing that we do love about the “super-food” idea is that it encourages people to eat unprocessed food. We always advise to eat whole foods in their natural unprocessed form and limit processed foods. Sugar and salt offer no benefit to our health and can be harmful if consumed on a regular basis.

  • Choose a variety of nuts and seeds- don’t stick to just almonds and chia seeds because they are marketed more heavily than other options. Every food has a different nutrient profile so it is important to eat a variety of these.

  • Eat more vegetables! Most people don't eat enough of these and the evidence between improved health outcomes and vegetable intake is incredible.

Conclusion: Eat whole foods in their natural/ unprocessed form and don't fork out for specific products because of their front of packet labeling.