5 BEST Tips for Weight Loss

I see people who have weight loss goals almost every day! Specific nutrition advice is super beneficial in achieving these goals however there are also a few weight loss tips that I give to almost everyone. These are some of my most common suggestions:

1. Cut the mindless snacking

If all you did was eat your 3 meals each day and avoid the extra morning tea, afternoon tea, or standing-in-the-kitchen-snacks, then this might be all it takes to get you started on your weight loss journey. Mindless snacking such as picking while cooking dinner, finishing the kids uneaten breakfast, or grabbing the free food from the staffroom, can all add up and give our bodies extra calories that prevent us from losing weight. Calorie/ energy balance is only one part of the weight loss equation but it is an important part. If we are eating more than what we are burning off then it will likely be stored as body fat - leading to weight gain.

Snacking is usually unnecessary and we do it out of habit or boredom rather than hunger. If we all snacked less then we would probably be spending less on groceries, eating less convenience/ processed foods, and putting more effort into packing our meals full of satisfying foods like protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. If you need some help with this one- try some of these things; get rid of tempting foods like chips/ chocolate/ lollies/ ice cream etc., brush your teeth straight after dinner and turn off the kitchen lights, keep a food diary, snack on chopped veges when cooking dinner, always make a cup of tea or have a glass of water when you head into the kitchen instead of heading straight for the fridge and pantry.

2. Tell people

If your partner, family, and work bestie don't know that you are making an effort to lose some weight and clean up your diet- then they will have no idea that you don't want the dessert, morning tea scones, or coffee & cake that they are offering! Make life easy for yourself and tell the people around you about your goals. Scary - I know- because saying it out loud makes it real. BUT - it's better than having to come up with excuses every time you say "no" when offered a treat food.

3. There are no rules

Just because your friends have had success doing meal replacement shakes, keto, fasting, or a macro-balanced plan from the internet- doesn't mean that these things will work for you! The beauty of reflection is that we know what hasn't worked for us in the past and often the reason behind WHY is personal e.g. meal plans didn't provide the flexibility that you need, shakes were too expensive and antisocial, keto required too much of your time. It is important that you look at WHY these things didn't work, and if you can't find a solution, then try something else! Otherwise you may just come across the same problem again. It is also important to reflect on what DID work in the past- e.g. walking every day and cutting out the evening wine, avoiding snacks and drinking 2 bottles of water every day, or eating from a smaller plate and using smaller serving utensils. Make a list of what worked and (most importantly) what you enjoyed, and take a look at doing this again. There is no one-size fits all approach and YOU are the person who controls what you are eating and doing- so make sure that it suits you!

4. Change it up

Weight loss is not a linear process and chances are that you will hit some plateaus along the way. When this happens- change what you are doing! The body has got used to eating the same thing at the same time. Mix up your meals, add more protein, reduce the carbs, bump up the veges, push out your meal times- anything to keep the body guessing! The metabolism is great at adjusting as fast as possible to maintain our weight- the human body does not want to lose weight regardless of if we are 70kg or 170kg. For this reason we need to avoid letting the metabolism adjust by not letting it know what we are doing.

5. You have to WANT it

Working in the diet industry you hear it all "yea but it's winter and everyone gains weight in winter"... "my eating is a lot worse in the cold weather"... "it's hard when the days are shorter and colder to be motivated to eat healthy"...

Similarly we hear in Summer; "there are just so many functions and social events on- it will be easier to eat healthy when we get through summer"... "everyone gains weight over christmas and new years"... "it's too hot to be cooking food- we just stick to easy dinners and takeaways"..

So we seem to be really great and justifying our eating habits regardless of the season! The bad news is- this kind of mentality is the reason that we are still yo-yo dieting and constantly seeking weight loss advice. If you really want to lose weight then you need to know WHY. If you know your WHY and can picture how you will look/ feel/ behave when you reach your goals then you will never need to make excuses for poor eating again!


If you are still feeling stuck and need some expert advice, guidance and support-then take a look at my services and book in with me- or get in touch: eatupcookery@gmail.com. It just might give you the gentle push in the direction that you need to go to reach your weight loss goals.