The secret to weight loss?

Following lockdown I have had sooo many people asking me about weight loss- what is the secret?! What diet should I follow? I've heard diets are bad though? So confusing!

If your goal is weight loss- then there is no one "secret", but what I believe is- no matter what you decide to do, be consistent.

A typical "diet" usually begins with a lot of motivation- healthy grocery shop, clearing out the "treat" food, and maybe even doing some meal planning and prep. For sure, if you make some positive changes to your diet to reduce your overall calorie intake then you will lose weight. But what happens when you start heading out for meals with friends? You get too busy to cook separate meals for the family every night? Or you have a bad few nights of sleep and are super low in energy? Often this looks like feelings of guilt, poor self talk about "falling off the wagon", and then maybe jumping back into that strict diet again for a few days. Then, as we know, life happens again and we follow this ongoing cycle until deciding that actually; "that diet doesn't work at all", or "I'm way too busy to focus on this", or "there must be something wrong with me because I just can't lose weight?!".

It's not that "diets don't work", it's just that most people struggle to stick to a strict way of eating for a long period of time, and the time needed to reach the desired weight loss goal.

So- if your goal right now is to lose weight, the best piece of advice that I can give you is to be consistent. Do this by- knowing why you are making dietary changes, and being realistic. Some examples might be- cooking and eating more vegetables in the evening, cutting out that morning muffin, or drinking more water throughout the day. These ideas aren't super strict and if you chose 1-2 of them to try consistently for 2-3 weeks then they could easily become habits and assist in your weight loss goals.

You don't have to feel hungry all the time, follow a specifically labelled "diet", or miss out on social events to hit your goals. If you need some support with making your diet tweaks then get in touch. Our team can help you to figure out what's going to work for you, and assist in ending the yo-yo diet cycle!