5 weight loss tips that people don't talk about...

Everyone talks about moving a bit more and eating a bit less to lose weight.. but here are 5 tips that can make a big difference, that not enough people talk about!

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  1. Do the RIGHT exercise- not just any exercise.

Many people that I work with are doing the wrong exercise for their body, health conditions, or goals. In many scenarios- it can be a natural consequence of endurance or high intensity exercise to makes us hungrier and consequently overeat! In this instance- choosing activities like walking or yoga still provide the body with great exercise and can get your heart rate up. On the other hand- some people see no results from low intensity workouts and need to schedule in both resistance and HIIT for results. If your exercise isn't working for you- then review it and change it.

2. Eat high calorie foods

It may sound counter-intuitive, but high calorie foods keep you full! Incorporating protein and fats into your daily plan will help you stay fuller for longer and so we're not reaching for snack foods every hour.

3. Only eat breakfast if you're hungry

If you get hungry for breakfast, of COURSE you should eat. But I find a lot of times people are only eating breakfast because it's "breakfast time". If you feel like you can skip breakfast or even push it back an hour or two, give it a try. If you try it- reflect after a day of eating to see how skipping breakfast affects the rest of your calorie intake, hunger signals, and energy levels. I work with some clients who need a really decent breakfast to achieve their weight loss goals, and others who don't eat breakfast at all. I can help you to figure out what's best for you.

4. It's not all about calories

If it was- then we all be achieving our weight loss goals all the time! My comprehensive women's weight loss package covers EVERY parameter of weight loss for this reason. Hormones, gut health, stress levels, appetite regulation, sleep, exercise, macronutrients, and much much more! If we only look at energy in vs energy out then we will be spending a long time trying to get results- and probably never getting there.

5. Change your mindset!

This is what I focus on from day 1 with my clients. Our success is made up of 20% actions and 80% mindset. If we are in the right mindset then we can achieve anything!

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