"All I want is more energy"

I work with women every day to help them reach their wellness goals. Lots of women come into their sessions with the goal of weight loss in mind, but soon into chatting they realise that they are actually just really really tired and would do anything to feel more energized!

My question to clients: "Is there a time of day when you feel a noticeable crash in energy" and sadly the most common answer ... "I am tired all day- from the moment I wake up".

Why is it that we are all functioning on so little energy?

There are many reasons for this- number one being the expectations and commitments that we place on ourselves. A usual day for many women:

  • Wake up

  • Rushed workout or quick shower

  • Kids

  • Eat standing infront of the mirror

  • Rush to work

  • Emails/ calls/ life admin/ meetings.. (whilst thinking about... grocery list, what's for dinner, when is that appointment again? will my washing be dry when I get home?)

  • Kids/ supermarket/ appointments

  • Cook/ clean/ washing

  • Respond to messages we didn't get time to reply to during the day

  • Crash

  • Sleep

At work when someone leaves the office people say "I now have all this extra work to do and no extra time!" .. but the same applies to life. We add in a job, partner, kids, house, commitments, but either don't make extra time for these things or we push the things that we take for granted to the side e.g. friends, our health, exercise.

If the above sounds familiar- then this is likely why you are so tired. But how do you fix it? If someone says "just stress less" we don't just suddenly do it. But there are small changes that we can make over time- and many are related to our diet. If we can get the diet right, then we can continue with our lives but with a more positive approach so that we actually enjoy the things that we are doing!

Drink more water

The body is made up of ALOT of water and fluid surrounds your brain. Not enough water = a body that can't function at it's optimal level. You need atleast 2L /day to meet your requirements as we lose fluid through our breath and sweat. When we initially start drinking more water it may feel like an effort but within a week or so our bodies will start to know that we are getting more water and our thirst mechanisms will increase.

Reduce Sugar

Despite sugar being a quick energy boost and often what we crave in the afternoons- it also gives us a big sugar high which is followed by a big crash. When we have a crash in energy our brain craves even more sugar- so you can see the vicious cycle that begins to happen here! Sugar cravings followed by energy crashes followed by sugar cravings.

Boost Protein Intake

Protein is slow to digest which means that the time it takes for the food to move from the stomach to the intestine is delayed- making us fuller for longer. It also prevents our energy levels from spiking too high and consequently prevents the energy crashes. Have hummus or cheese with your crackers, yoghurt and nuts with your breaky, or switch to eggs instead of cereal.

Add unsaturated fats

Fats are great for satiety! Seeds, nuts, oily dressings, and avocados are good additions to your meals. Fat is very slow to digest and we only need a small amount to feel full. You don't have to do a full diet overhaul- just start adding some fats into your morning muesli, porridge, or into salads or snacks.

I work with clients every day to improve their energy levels. If you are interested in some one on one support then get in touch! An hour with a dietitian might be all that you need to start living a more energized life.