Eating on the road

Many of my clients work long hours with much of this time spent sitting in the car. When we spend alot of time driving not only do we tend to eat more out of boredom, we also need to be savvy about our food choices as we tend to have more limitations on options depending on time, location, and ease of transport.

There is nothing worse than starting the day with the best intentions to eat well then struggling through hunger pangs all day before buying something at the petrol station! The options are limited, we end up feeling starving, and we spend time and money that we didn’t plan on spending.

To prevent this from happening- here are some of my top tips for eating healthy on the road.

Plan ahead!

This may not surprise you- especially if you have worked with me before! Planning is KEY in enabling us to reach our goals. I love a 24hr food plan. Think about- where will you be? How much time will you have? What do you ideally want to be eating? Once you have these things laid out you can then think about- do I have the ingredients? Are there decent food places that I can stop in at on the way? What do I need to do right now to allow me to eat this way tomorrow?

Get sorted the night before you are on the road and you will thank yourself the following day! Also- if you need to buy something then that’s ok there is nothing wrong with this but make sure that you know in advance whats available to buy and where you can buy it from.

Snack wisely

Mindless snacking is incredibly easy to do when we are driving and listening to music or chatting through our bluetooth. Often we end up eating more because we aren’t fully aware of how much we are eating, or we end up snacking on things that we may not even necessarily love because we just weren’t paying attention.

Be mindful about how much you are eating while you drive and choose snacks that are balanced with protein, carbs, and fats to keep you full. This means no to the plain chips, crackers, or pretzels which keep you full for only a few minutes and instead opting for cheese slices or sticks, salami sticks, nuts and seeds (portioned), hummus on crackers, yoghurt (you’ll need to pull over for this one!), and fruit. Only portion out and take with you the amount that you want to eat- otherwise you may be arriving home with loads of empty food packets that you thought would last you the entire week.

Use a cooler bag/ heated thermos

Taking a chilled salad on for lunch might be great in theory- not not so great if you end up with food poisoning because it sat in the car with you for the whole day! Having a cooler bag or heated thermos makes for endless options when it comes to lunch on the go. You can take anything from soup or leftovers, to sandwiches, or salads.

Stay hydrated

Often our body confuses thirst with hunger and we can feel hungry when what we actually need is fluid! Yes it can be annoying to have to stop and use the toilet along the way but it’s absolutely worth it for the benefits you get! Clearer head, less hunger, and less likely to end up feeling bloated or constipated by the end of the day. Long periods of sitting affect our digestion so keeping everything in there moist by drinking enough water is very important. If you know that you are on the road for the entire day then take two drink bottles with you- don’t ration out your 750ml pump and end up dehydrated!

Move when you can

This one is mainly important for your mental health and also for your digestion! Moving our body stimulates digestion so schedule in some stops when you can to walk around or stretch and get that blood flowing again. A great time to do this is when you stop to eat your lunch- structure in enough time (if possible) for a 15 min walk around the street or even just pull over somewhere that looks nice and grab 5 minutes of fresh air when you can. Every little bit counts!

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