Overeating & Your Progress

I am here to tell you that overeating is not actually that big of a deal. Why? Let’s put it into perspective…

So here is a scenario; a person needs to consume 1800 calories to lose weight (please note that I do not advocate long term calorie counting- this is just for the purpose of this explanation), and they end up eating 2500 calories with extra dessert, some nibbles, or wine or something.They feel like they have overeaten. What happens next is what is important.

  • If they move on and go back to their usual way of eating- consuming roughly 1800 calories each day for the weekend then their weekly average is around 1900 calories. So this is really not far off their requirement for weight loss anyway- they would probably still lose weight! You can see here why the one big meal was not a big deal.

  • Alternatively- they could feel like they have blown it and eat anything and everything all weekend- averaging an intake across the week of 2500 calories. This is no longer near their calorie needs for weight loss and they will either plateau or gain weight (depending on their BMR and energy output).

Learn and move on is important. Always think- what can I learn here? Maybe I am overeating because I am actually really hungry from my small lunch? Or is it because I didn’t sleep well last night? Learning helps us to make changes for next time- then we just move on and carry on with our lives without overthinking it.

What we think influences how we feel which influences how we act. If we tell ourselves that we are useless for overeating- then we will likely feel disappointed, low, frustrated, then our actions are usually not to look after ourselves- we might overeat even more or skip exercise etc.

Positive self talk is important and so is being realistic. If you overeat- don’t overthink it! Learn and move on.

If you want to learn more about overeating and emotional eating- sign up to watch my seminar on this topic HERE.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to feeling your absolute best, most confident self!