Pre-wedding weight loss: What's realistic and how can we do it?!

As spoken about on More FM- September 2020.

Firstly- you are perfect just the way that you are. But if you are feeling uncomfortable and wanting to shed a couple of kilos- then let's get started with helping you feel great.

Wedding planning is hands down one of the most exciting times of our lives. However- if we are hanging on to a few extra kilos that never used to be there and are feeling uncomfortable in our skin- then it's ok to want to lose some weight, tone up, and get you feeling amazing in your bod.

I was asked on More FM this week to talk about pre-wedding weight loss. What is the best diet to do?! The answer is simple- there is no ONE diet/ magic bullet that works for everyone. Even if your aunty/ friend/ workmate has lost X amount of weight on the *insert diet here*, it doesn't mean that this is right for your body and lifestyle. We already know this right?! Which is why the term "yo-yo dieting" exists. It begins with motivation and a brand new restrictive diet regimen, then finishes with celebrations around the weight lost, quickly followed by a climb in weight to the same if not higher weight than we were to begin with. If you've tried a diet, lost weight, then not maintained your progress- it didn't work.

If you are putting in effort to lose weight prior to your wedding day- then I am assuming you would be keen to maintain your new bod for the long term. Wedding prep is also a great time to boost your nutrient intake to give you that glowing bridal skin, strong nails and hair, and maximise your energy levels. So let's forget the "8 week shreds", push the "liquid meal replacements" aside- and get some solid progress happening.

Here are a few of my tips around this:

  • Set a realistic goal.

We can get carried away when setting goals- so just like any other type of goal setting- be realistic. If you write down that you would like to lose 50kg in a month/ 12.5kg each week- then this is likely going to be unachievable. Also- remember that our metabolism gradually slows down every 10 years- along with changes in our sex hormones and distribution of body fat which can make it trickier to alter our body shape and size. It just means that the speed of weight loss (depending on your age) may be alot slower than it was 10 yrs back- so bear this in mind when goal setting.

  • Give yourself as much time as you can.

Giving yourself time to reach a goal takes the pressure off you. Once you set your wedding date- see how many weeks / months you have to achieve your goal and ask yourself if this is realistic for you. Taking your time also means that you are more likely to retain your lean body mass (muscle), ensure strong immunity, and prevent nutrient deficiencies which can impact on the health of many things- including your hair, skin, and nails. Speedy weight loss through restrictive diets that puts us at risk of nutrient deficiencies can make our skin dry, lips chapped, hair brittle, and give us bags under our eyes- not the ideal wedding look!

  • Make it easy for yourself.

As with any plan to make diet changes- make it as easy for yourself as you can! Move the treat foods out of sight, prevent hunger by having filling/ balanced meals, avoid sugar crashes & cravings by cutting back on your sugar intake, and be prepared with meals and snacks in advance. The easier it is & the more that you enjoy it- the more consistent you will be!

  • Focus on more than just weight.

One of my favourite things to do with clients is ask them to track the changes in their energy, sleep, mood, strength, and appetite. It can be easy to get really focused on the number on the scale and to forget about all the other positive things that come with great diet changes!

  • Have a plan.

Setting goals is fun and exciting- but now you have to figure out how to get there. Meal plan/prep for the week, choose foods that energize and fill you, prepare quick-grab healthy snacks for the post work cravings, and schedule in your exercise for the week. If we make a plan that we like the look of and are excited to get started on- then we are more likely to be consistent without too much effort.

  • Remember! Weight loss is never linear.

Weight is not always the best measure of progress. The human body contains a huge amount of water and the amount of this that we retain can really vary day to day depending on our hydration status, macronutrient intake, and hormones. I always suggest to people wanting to lose weight that they need to keep another measure. Pick a tight pair of jeans and use this to gauge progress, take some photos in your gym gear or even just of your face, and use this as another method of tracking progress.

When I help my clients to lose weight there is no calorie counting and no banned foods. I focus on educating people about why we are craving carbs or sugar, how we can reduce our weight & hunger levels at the same time, and how to maintain their diet changes for the long term.

If you are keen to get some help with your diet - then get in touch. We specialise in weight loss for women and we are here to get you the results that you deserve! Our weight loss bundles give you an initial session for us to get to know you and make a starting plan/ set your goals/ provide you with the tools that you need. The following 2x follow up sessions are where we look at what's been happening, make strategies for navigating social occasions or other obstacles, and further educate you on why you are feeling how you feel.

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