Reasons why you're not losing weight...

Firstly- there could be any amount of reasons why your weight isn't budging! But here are some key ones that have come up with clients in the past couple of weeks...

For so long there has been such an emphasis on "move more and eat less" to lose weight. While our energy intake and output are important- they are most definitely not everything when it comes to weight loss.

This week I have worked with one lovely client who was restricting her calories to ~1000/day and getting >10,000 steps plus doing yoga most days. She had hit a weight loss plateau and it wasn't shifting despite her low calorie intake. In this scenario- she was under-eating for the amount of exercise she was doing, needing more calories and carbs to promote efficient fat-burning cells, and her meal timing needed to be altered to better distribute her carbs and protein across the day. The intervention we did was to increase her calories, maintain her exercise, and increase her carbohydrate intake. This was totally backwards to what she had been advised to do in the past however in doing it she felt alot better in terms of energy, sleep improved, and her weight started to drop.

On the other hand- I have worked with another client recently who was intermittent fasting for 16 hours + exercising and unable to lose weight. In this scenario her exercise needed to be changed as her current regimen wasn't challenging her body, meal timing completely altered, and morning calorie intake made alot heavier to account for her stress and activity throughout the morning. In doing these things- although she stopped fasting, her total calorie intake dropped by alot and allowed weight loss to happen without her feeling deprived all day! I have to add that in this scenario she felt that her absolute downfall was chocolate and to lose weight she had to completely remove chocolate from her house and diet. In the diet intervention I gave her- chocolate in some way/ shape/ or form was structured in every afternoon as a snack. Why? Because ultimately she can still lose weight with it in her diet, and it prevented her from thinking in her "all or nothing" mindset. If she removed it then she knew that she would just end up craving it later on. The chocolate I added in was paired with extra snacks like slow digesting proteins and fats so she didn't experience a big drop in blood glucose and consequent sugar cravings. Win!

As you can see- there are so many reasons why sometimes our body fat just does not want to be used as fuel. If we only look at calories and try to restrict every day then we are setting ourselves up for deprivation and ultimately a binge- restrict cycle OR missing the mark completely and spending months/ years wondering why we can't shift the last few kilos!

If you can't lose weight- then please know that dropping calories and increasing exercise isn't necessarily the answer! If you are done with guessing, googling, and trying to figure this out on your own- then get in touch. Weight loss is what I specialize in and I absolutely love seeing women get the results that they deserve within weeks of working with me- and ending up in a more positive, energized frame of mind.

I work with a limited number of women each month through my comprehensive women's wellness & weight loss package. Check it out or flick me a message if you are interested in catching up! There is only one more week to book in for your weight loss package if you would like to start this month!

I look forward to working with you and helping you to get started on your wellness journey!