So why am I not losing weight?

Doing everything right but not achieving the results that you really want?

Here are the most common reasons why people struggle to achieve those weight loss goals...

No plan or the wrong plan

One of the most common reason is having either no plan- or the wrong plan. I talk to a lot of people who want to lose weight and have tried diets but nothing seems to be working for them. I have also had people who have been wanting to lose 5-10kg for years but haven’t had a plan to do this and just know that they want to.

The wrong plan includes ones that you may have been following or trying for a long time and not seeing results with or ones that don’t account for social situations, holidays, and environments when your eating will be different to usual. It's important to have some kind of strategy so that you can make it easy to be as consistent as possible- but you need to be open to adjusting your plan, adapting it as you go, and reflecting on whether or not it's working for you.

The all or nothing approach

The all or nothing approach is where we are either 100% on a diet and focused - or completely off track and out of control. Humans hate to be controlled- whether it's by others or ourselves- it's human nature to rebel against rules.

How many times have you heard the phrases “ I need to get back on track”, “I am totally off the wagon”, or "I need to get my a into g and focus on my diet again”. All of these phrases are contributing to the all or nothing approach. We don’t want to work hard for short term gains then undo all of our hard work when we “fall off the wagon”. We want to make positive lifelong changes that make us a fit, healthy person forever who has full confidence in themselves and their eating habits.

So if your overall goal is weight loss and you can see 10 things that need changing in the diet to achieve this- then changing them all at once isn’t going to get you there. This is why so many diets don’t work! We will make all of the ten changes and find it incredibly difficult to add into our lives, forget to do half of them, then eventually give up because it’s too hard.

If we broke down those 10 things into incremental steps, then after a few months we will be automatically doing all 10 of them without thinking twice. If you put rules in place around your eating then you are less likely to be able to follow them.

Ditching the all or nothing approach is one of the first things that you need to do to start seeing results

Consider other parameters of your health

Thyroid health, iron levels, sleep, stress, gut health, hormone balance- these are all important. Underlying health issues can make weight loss more difficult so need to be addressed in your intervention. It's also important to consider your past- for example, our metabolism will be slower if we have been on strict diets before- low carb diets make cells less efficient at burning fuel, low-calorie diets make our bodies go into a “starvation” response and store body fat rather than burn it, it can take a while to repair metabolism but it is possible to fix it.

Thyroid or low iron? Can make weight loss more difficult so may need to be checked or addressed with medication. Insulin resistance - T2DM, PCOS, or menopause may mean that some diets will cause more harm than good and losing weight can be more difficult. Certain medications increase appetite and change nutrient metabolism.

Always consider everything when making changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Lack of accountability

People who tell others about their goals and team up with like-minded people are 95% more likely to achieve their results.

Someone who can help you to reflect on your strategies, set solid goals, and give you advice when you need it is really important in achieving success in any area of your life.

When I set goals with my clients we then focus on strategies to achieve these. Once the strategies are actioned, we are continually reflecting and adapting to continue to see results. Find someone who can support you with your goals- it makes the process faster, more effective, and far more enjoyable!

Get in touch if you would like support with your goals and don't feel like you need to battle away on your own.