Wanting to lose weight but ready to stop the yo-yo diets? You don't have to starve yourself!

If the term "sustainable weight loss" makes your eyes glaze over then we are in the same boat. But - read on because I really have found a way for you to have the best of both worlds- long term weight loss and food freedom.

Let's reflect on the "quick fix" shred or weight loss challenge diets. Often these give us a diet that's either A) based on a diet in the US and filled with ingredients that we can't find here, B) filled with tuna and egg whites (or other foods you dislike), and/or C) so unlike your usual diet that you are having to dedicate hours to meal prep or setting reminders on your phone to eat your 6 meals/day. The list could go on! However the bonus of these is that often they lead to some quick, satisfying weight loss. But then alas, the dedicated shredding period ends and back we go to our old ways and our clothes get tighter and tighter.

We all go into these challenges saying that THIS time something will be different and we'll be able to maintain the weight loss afterwards. But relying on our willpower alone is unfair on ourselves and setting us up for the binge/ guilt cycle.

If you've had successful weight loss on a "quick fix" diet but then gained it back, it was only a quick fix and not going to give you the long term weight loss that you desire. Successful weight loss comes from eating in a way that you really enjoy, that fills you up and eliminates cravings and hunger, and fits into your lifestyle.

After years of working one on one with weight loss clients and doing a tonne of research- I finally understand what works and I am excited to tell you- it’s not a short term calorie restricted diet! You do not need to rely on willpower alone to lose weight! Because if that was the case- then noone would ever be able to lose weight because we will never be consistently 100% motivated.

Here are some of the many things that need to be focused on for weight loss:

  • Eat to reduce sugar cravings

Yes it's possible! Certain foods increase our sugar cravings (sweet foods and simple carbohydrates), as do certain times of our menstrual cycle (for women), sleep quality, and stress hormones.

  • Focus on reducing stress hormones

Weight loss is definitely not JUST about calories in vs calories out. If your stress hormones are high then your body will hold onto body fat at all costs! adjusting your sleep, exercise, and even breathing techniques can help to reduce these. NB: walking counts as great weight loss exercise and is a great way to reduce your stress hormones!

  • Diet quality REALLY counts

Diet quantity is what we have been told matters- but the truth is that diet quality matters alot more. It influences our hunger hormone regulation, fullness and appetite signals, mood, gut microbiome, sleep quality, and health status. All of these things of course- influence our food choices and weight! So if we only focus on calories then we are fighting against alot of other things that are impacting on our bodies- making it really difficult.

  • Mindset

Everything that we do is 80% mindset and only 20% action. Given this, it's pretty easy to see why I focus on my client's mindsets first and foremost! Whether it's negative body image talk, relying on the scales to measure self- worth, or setting ridiculous food and exercise rules with ourselves-it's got to be a focus.

If you are tired of the yo-yo diet cycle and keen to learn how to lose weight for good then get in touch. I won't just send you out the door with a generic meal plan to follow- I will work with you to figure out exactly what all of the pillars of weight loss look like in your world, and how we can ensure every one of these is working to support your weight loss goals.

I have created a weight loss session package for women which provides the ultimate amount of support, tools, and resources to get you on track to success. Get in touch and lets get started!