What's the best diet for me?

You've heard it before- there is no one size fits all when it comes to successful diet change. Everyone needs a different diet intervention for them to see results. A diet that your friends, family or workmates see results with- is not necessarily one that you will see results with.

It can get confusing though - there so are many diets out there and many that you could try and probably see successful weight loss with... But what should you do?

People ask me all the time if they should eat breakfast, should lower their carb intake, or should try fasting. The best diet for you is one that you can follow long term. Not one that you can stick to only for 4 weeks and hate it the whole time. If we are eating a certain way but feeling really low on energy and hating the food- then this isn’t sustainable at all.

The best diet for some people might involve eating only 2 meals/ day- and for others, might look like having carbs at every meal- the important thing is personalisation otherwise it's too hard to see success. I recently got asked for a “generic meal planner” by a gym so that their members could follow it for weight loss success. Now I am 100% pro having a plan- but I know from experience that generic meal plans do not work. The only plans that work for successful long-term results are ones that are personalised. A 1200 calorie diet moderate carb diet may work well for some people- but not others. Likewise- if you hate overnight oats then there is no point including this in your diet- you won’t enjoy it at all and probably won't stick to it long term.

It’s really important to get personalised advice and learn how to make changes to your OWN diet rather than relying on someone elses diet or generic diets. When you set a goal- always work on one thing at a time and don’t move on until that one thing is automatic and a habit. Take steps that are enjoyable, fit well into your lifestyle and routine, and that you know you can stick to long-term.

So you know what it is that you want to achieve - now what strategies can you put into place to achieve this? You might be able to list 10 or even 20 things right now. Go ahead and do this- but then look for the one thing that you know will make the most impact on your life and progress, will help you feel better, and that you WANT to start with.

Small steps lead to big impact and big results. Choose foods that you enjoy, that make you feel good, and that also align with your results. If you have no idea what this looks like- then seek advice from someone who does! People who team up with even only one support person are 95% more likely to achieve their goals.